Types of wall art for your home

With the right wall decors, you can turn your living room from basic to boujee fast quick. It is a very common to find particular wall arts in living room spaces in today’s modern home. 

Materials used for wall art

Wall art types that you should consider for your home

Sculptures – you can use sculptures in place of paintings and pictures to ass visual interest to the wall. Make sure you go for a sculpture that won’t take up more than half of the wall otherwise it will look too bulky

Photography – A good picture can do a lot for your walls. Photography is a very classic wall art type but fits into the modern aesthetic perfectly. You can choose to display a family portrait or buy a unique piece from an artist.

Decals – vinyl decals are popular because they are easy to switch up. The choice range is very wide, with all types of designs meant for different rooms. They are quite affordable and great for people living in rentals because they don’t cause any damage on the wall.

Wall signs – these are popular for playrooms, libraries, mancaves, and other extra rooms in the home. wall signs could be anything and represent anything and still look good. you can get signs in form of symbols, words or actual pictures.

Wall panels – these are a series of paintings or pictures that have a certain connection and are meant to go on one wall. They are perfect for people with larger walls. This outstanding artform will make any living room stand out and look like a museum.

Posters – posters are popular wall decorations for the bedroom, studio apartment home types, home theatres and dorm rooms among others.

Prints – prints have become incredibly popular in modern home décor. You can make a copy print of art pieces you like, get them framed and hang them on your wall. Print wall art is actually very versatile because they come I multiple themes, colors and sizes not to mention how affordable they are.

Mirrors – Mirrors have become an essential part of modern wall decoration around the globe. Beautifully decorated mirrors have an artistic appearance that can change the aesthetic of a home. get a mirror that is large enough to use and has a thick decorative frame. Placed in a good position, the mirror will make your home appear larger and also reflect more light into the room.

Tapestry – this is art created from a weaving technique. This art types do not have a general frame guide so you are allowed to hang it loosely from a rod. Tapestries are woven to create a beautiful design of your choice.

Material guide

Wall decorations come in a variety of materials including

Wood – this is becoming a very popular material for wall art. its texture and material may not be everyone’s favourite but it does well when It comes to decorating your home.

Metal – metal is the best material for statement pieces. Metal wall art is perfect for creating statement pieces in your home.

Canvas – photograph prints and paintings are mainly done on canvas material. Canvas is made of cotton and synthetic blends; it takes up paint very well and will last you for a long time.