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Published on January 9th, 2016 | by Guest Post


Guest Post: How to Organize and Clean Your Home EZ!

Clutter-free Habits: How to Organize and Clean Your Home

Living in a cluttered home is nothing to be proud of. And yet, your drawers are full and your basement is overcrowded with stuff you barely use. Enough is enough. It’s time to get rid of that clutter and develop some clutter-free habits. Keep reading.

How to Organize and Clean Your Home

Get Rid of the Excess

The fewer things you have, the less there will be to clean and organize. If you own too much stuff, clutter will eventually get to you. It’s much easier to unclutter after you remove the excess.

What to get rid of:

  • Things you are emotionally attached to – this is going to be difficult. When an item holds sentimental value to you because it was a gift from a special person or it brings back sweet memories of old days, it can be difficult to dispose of it. How can you get rid of something that evokes all that emotion? First off, ask yourself whether it really means so much to you. Keeping love notes from school days might make you feel like a teenager again, but it’s completely redundant. I mean, unless you married your crush from the 7th grade, there is no point of keeping all that stuff that probably means nothing to you anymore anyway. However, if there is stuff you would like to keep, don’t store it in the basement. Instead display some of your sweetest memories on a wall in your bedroom or living room.

  • Books – getting rid of books is another difficult task but if they take up too much space, you have to get rid of them. We are not saying you should give away all your books. Just dispose of duplicates and books you are never going to read again. Sharing books is another way to go.

  • Outdated decorations – let’s face it, they no longer serve any purpose, so just get rid of them.

  • Clothes – if your closets are so full of clothes they won’t shut, tough measures should be taken. Ask yourself if you wear all the items and what you could get rid of. No doubt there will be lots of stuff to dispose of. Get ruthless with your clothes. No mercy.

  • Unneeded items (old keys, obsolete electronics, old batteries, cash receipts, piles of magazines and newspapers, rubber bands, mail).

Develop Good Habits

The key to keeping your home decluttered and organized is to do a little something every day and never let clutter settle. It’s the small things you do every day that make all the difference. Putting your clothes away after you get back from work, washing the dishes after each meal, dusting every week, making your bed every morning, wiping down a spill as soon as it occurs, are all things to begin with.

Note that some of the things will need to be done daily, whereas others will recur every season. It might be a good idea to write down all the important stuff you have to do at home. Go through your notes on a regular basis to make sure you have crossed off all the things from the list. Once you develop a habit of decluttering, you won’t need that checklist anymore.

Daily recurring tasks:

  • Putting kitchen stuff away and cleaning kitchen table and countertops

  • Washing the dishes

  • Putting away day-use items (back where they belong)

  • Placing clothes in the wardrobe or in the hamper

  • Making the beds

You may want to spend about 20 minutes decluttering each night before you go to bed. This will give you a good reason to get up every morning. I mean, it’s such a pleasure to wake up to a clean and organized home. You should try it.

So basically, those are the most important things to keep your home decluttered. Make sure to slow accumulation of items, get rid of the excess and develop small habits on the daily.

The article is written by Patricia Cornwell. She runs a small company called MainCleaners W6 and loves to give tips.

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