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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY:Made EZ Accent Bench!

DIY Accent Bench

Accent benches can fill a space or just simply add seating to any room. When I came up with an idea to create a bench for myself, I really needed it to be an added accent piece in my bedroom. So I started ordering swatches and could not decide on off white or beige.  Eventually, all of the swatches I ordered started to look the same and at this point I needed a fresh pair of eyes. So I asked one of my friends which color she thought looked best, and she says, “well these colors all look the same to me”. So of course that didn’t help me to decide but at the same time I was happy to know that my eyes were not as bad as I thought. Now what is a girl to do?? I started to think maybe if I choose another texture then I would eventually decide on fabric. So I started looking at vinyl. Let me tell you vinyl is not the easiest fabric to use for upholstery, but it sure does look great after all the upholstery is completed.

For my biggest DIY project EVER…….well…. so far, I was definitely up for the challenge. To challenge myself even more, I came up with this bright idea to add ARMS to the seat of the bench. Yes ARMS!!!! Let the screams begin…aaaaaahhh!!!!! So for the time being, I don’t need to come up with anymore bright ideas.

Here it is ladies and gents……………

diy upholstered tufted bench (2)

 Visit [Tutorial: How to Build an Upholstered Accent Bench EZ]

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of my DIY bench from scratch!!!

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