Decor Ideas to make your home look elegant on a budget

Published on February 27th, 2016 | by Guest Post


Guest Post: Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget EZ

Brilliant Ideas to Make Your Home Look Elegant on a Budget EZ

There are many ways to make your home look more elegant without spending a fortune. You can do some improvements and transformations which will make your home look expensively furnished on a budget. Here are some brilliant ideas how to achieve the high-end look of your home without spending too much.

Because details matter when it comes to elegant interior, the colors you choose for your rooms will affect the whole atmosphere. Choosing the proper tones is difficult but the main choice you should make is between using soft and muted or bold and dramatic hues. Depending on your personality and preferences using any of these colour options will make your home elegant. A good innovation you can make is to paint the interior doors in your home black which will add elegance. Make sure you add black accessories in your rooms to match with the doors. Use burgundy in your interior for an elegant look.

Ideas on how to make your home look elegant on a budget

Adding pillows in your living room and bedrooms makes the rooms comfortable and elegant. Don’t use the standard pillows with size 12 to 18 inches and prefer such with pillow cover of 22 inches, stuffed with 24-inch inserts. They will make your guests feel at home and you rooms will look more stylish.

Window treatments are absolutely necessary if you want to make your home sophisticated. They are inexpensive and will give you the privacy you need. Don’t choose window treatments made of unlined, easily damaged and see-through materials which will make your d├ęcor look cheap. Buy lined draperies and curtains which look expensive and elegant but are low-cost. You can buy window treatments made of silk, cotton and linen materials. Avoid using man-made and polyester fabrics because they look cheap. If you don’t want to use draperies, invest in wood blinds or bamboo shades. In every case dress you window to add elegance.

Use unique hardware finishes. Don’t search for them in home improvement shops. Look for drawer pulls and knobs in small hardware markets and antique shops which can offer you much better options. Choose expensive-looking, heavy-duty pieces of furniture which are a little more pricey but unique in design. They will ensure the elegant look of your home are saying from Cricklewood Decorators.

Lighting is important when it comes to making a stylish interior. Don’t use traditional lighting fixtures like chandeliers which most contractors select. Unique and designer ones will make your home more elegant, although they are a bit more expensive. Check in second-hand stores and flea markets for such lighting fixtures where they are offered at a much lower price. You may need to buff and paint some fixtures to make them look more expensive. Add a few different sources of light like floor and table lamps for a stylish look.

You can make your home more comfortable with wall-to-wall carpets but if you want it to look elegant choose hardwood floor instead. It is an investment which will pay off later and worth its money. Laminate flooring is another option but if you choose it, make sure you select the best quality laminate for lasing results. Plush carpets also add elegance in the interior. Use proper accessories to style your home. Buy unique and expensive-looking pieces of furniture from antique and second-hand shops.

The cheapest way to make your home look more elegant is by regularly cleaning and de-cluttering it. Every week vacuum cleaning, dusting and tidying will do the work. Remove stains and spots from your carpets and upholstery as quickly as possible to protect them from damaging and looking worn-out. Clean the windows whenever it is necessary to allow the flow of natural light and ensure the bright look of your home. Regular cleaning makes the accessories, pillows, flooring, lighting and paint clearly noticeable.


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