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Published on February 6th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Make a Sunburst Mirror for under $100 EZ!

How to make a DIY Sunburst Mirror

You will need:

Wooden Dowels(I wanted my mirror very large so I used 3/16 in x 36 in. 36 inches was fairly too long, so I broke off 12 inches to make 24 inches). I used about 150 dowels, but this depends on  the size you choose for your circle and mirror.

             Tip:If you want to make a standard size mirror you can use 3/16 in x 12 in. dowels. 

Hot Glue Gun

Two 16″ Wooden Circles or Cake Cardboard Circles (Hobby Lobby)

14″ Craft Mirror

Spray Paint (color of your choice)

Pencil (for drawing)

Plate, Round Vase, or a Round Lamp Shade (used for drawing circles)

Sawtooth Hanger



Directions for DIY Sunburst Mirror:

1. Spray paint one of your wooden circles(1) (this will be used as your frame).

2. Spray paint all of the wooden dowels.

3. Place the other wooden circle(2) on a flat surface.


4. Using your pencil, draw one vertical line and one horizontal line.

Sunburst Mirror

5. Continue drawing lines, but leave enough space so that at least four dowels will fit in each pie space. See diagram.



6. Now draw circles. See diagram.





7. Using hot glue, you will now attach your dowel to the wooden circle. See diagram for placements.



8. Continue placing dowels on your wooden circle until its complete.

9. Take your spray painted wooden circle(1) and hot glue the side that isn’t spray painted, place on top of  the other wooden circle(2) with the dowels.

10. Now hot glue the back of the craft mirror and attach it to the center of  the spray painted wooden circle. Let dry for a couple of hours. Tip: Use heavy books to mash the two wooden circles and mirror together to make sure that they are attached tightly.

11. Lastly, attach the sawtooth hanger to the back of the sunburst mirror. Tip: If using a cardboard circle, use hot glue to attach the sawtooth hanger.

Now you should have your own customized sunburst mirror, isn’t it exciting to see your creation come to life?? I think so!

diy sunburst mirror

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