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Published on July 13th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Cover Buttons With Fabric EZ!

How to Cover Buttons with Fabric

1st  Technique: Dritz Cover Buttons(with teeth)

dritz cover button kit

2nd Technique: Sewing fabric onto the button(I have used this technique for thicker fabrics like upholstery fabrics)

1st Technique

Materials for Covering Buttons:
Dritz Cover Buttons(with teeth)



Directions for Covering Buttons:

1. Cut-out the circle pattern from the back of the cover button kit.


2. Using the circle pattern, cut out a circle from the fabric.


3. Place the button on top of fabric face down.


4. Using your finger, push the fabric into the teeth to secure in place.


5. Snap the back into place.


6. Now you have a finished covered button!


2nd Technique

Materials for Covering Buttons with Thick Fabric:




Crochet Cotton Thread

Note: Crochet thread is thicker than regular thread and will not rip apart when pulling the threads together.

Circle Pattern from a cover button kit

Tip: Use a circle pattern larger than the actual cover button. For example, if your buttons are 7/8 ” then use a circle pattern that fits a 1 1/8″ circle. I have found that if the circle is much bigger than the actual button, it’s easier to pull the fabric together. See diagram below for cover button sizes.

cover button sizes

Directions for Covering Buttons With Thick Fabric: 

1. Cut a circle out of the fabric using the circle pattern.


2.  Thread the needle and sew a circle around the fabric.



3. Place the button cover face down in the center of the fabric.


4. Pull the two ends of thread together tightly and tie a knot.


5. Sew the fabric down from top to bottom, left to right until the fabric is securely on the button cover and tie a knot.



6. Cut the excess thread, and now you have a finished covered button!


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