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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Make a Tufted Stool Cover (No Sew) EZ!

How to Make a Tufted Stool Cover (No Sew)

Note: For a sewn stool cover visit [Tutorial: How to Sew a Stool Cover EZ]

Materials for Tufted Stool Cover:


Upholstery Needle

Tufting Twine

Cover Buttons Kit 5\8 (I prefer the Dritz cover buttons with the teeth)

Staple Gun and Staples


Plywood cut to 16in. x 14in.





Adhesive Spray


Directions for Tufted Stool Cover:

1. Using a marker, draw a square and diagonal lines from each corner on the plywood. Note: The points are where the buttons will be located.


2. Drill holes through all four points and the middle point.

3. Spray adhesive spray on the foam and attach it to the plywood.


6. Cover the buttons with fabric. Visit [Tutorial: How to Cover Buttons with Fabric EZ]

dritz cover buttons

7. Place fabric over batting.

8. Cut about 10 inches of tufting twine and pull it through the hole of the upholstery needle.


9. Starting with the middle hole, pull the needle through the plywood and fabric, leaving the twine in the hole.


10. Slide the needle through the covered button until the twine is pulled through the button and tie a knot to secure.

11. Cut the excess twine.


12. Pull the twine tightly from the bottom of the plywood and staple to secure.



13. Continue with the rest of the cover buttons. Note: Creases will naturally form.


14. Pull the fabric to smooth it out and staple the fabric to the plywood. Cut the excess fabric.


Now the tufted stool cover should look like this….

diy tufted stool

Visit [Tutorial: How to Make Counter Stools EZ] for the complete look.

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