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Published on May 8th, 2014 | by Shantelle


How to Sew Envelope Pillow Shams with Flanges EZ!

How to Sew Envelope Pillow Shams with Flanges(Standard Size)


When it comes to sewing, I am not a seamstress, however, I do own a sewing machine. If you own a sewing machine like me and have never taken a sewing class, you will find these directions for making a pillow sham very easy. After all, who needs a sewing table when you can use your living room floor like I did. Haha! Since I like to make mostly everything myself, maybe one day I’ll build a DIY Sewing Table. But for now I’m fine with using the living room floor or the kitchen table. So for this project, all you need is some simple materials and some patience.

Materials for Sewing a Standard Pillow Sham with Flanges

Sewing Pins

2 Yards of Fabric

1 Yard of Lining Fabric

Quilt Batting

Sewing Machine


Masking Tape


Directions for Sewing a Standard Pillow Sham with Flanges

A standard size pillow measures 20″x 26″.

Measurements for the three front pieces:

Fabric=25″ x 31″

fabric piece for diy pillow sham

Lining Fabric= 25″x 31″

lining fabric fir diy pillow sham

Batting= 25″x 31″

batting for diy pillow sham

Measurements for the two back pieces:

Fabric (2)= 18.5″x 25″

back pieces of fabric for diy pillow sham

1. Iron fabric and lining fabric.

2. Lay fabric(25″ x31″) on a flat surface. Place batting on top of the fabric and then place the lining fabric on top of the batting. Pin all three pieces together.

how to layer front piece for pillow sham

how to pin fabric to batting for diy pillow sham

3. Sew around all four sides using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

4. Take one of the back pieces of fabric and double fold the 25″ side. Iron flat and sew a 1″ hem. Do the same to the other back piece.

back pieces for DIY pillow sham

5. Lay front piece(fabric, batting, lining) on a flat surface with fabric side facing upwards.

6. Place both pieces on top of the front piece with the sewn flaps facing upwards. Pin the two back pieces to the front pieces and sew a 1″¬†seam allowance ¬†around all four corners.

Note: The sham should look like it is inside out.

how to sew back pieces to a pillow sham

7. Cut the excess fabric and cut the corners making sure not to cut the seam.

how to sew a envelope closure on a pillow sham

8. Turn the sham inside out, and measure 2″ around the sham. Use masking tape as a guide for sewing the flanges.

Tip: Instead of using masking tape, you could use a disappearing pen.

How to make Flange on pillow Sham with Masking tape

9. Sew a 2″ seam allowance around the pillow sham.

how to sew flange around a pillow sham

10. Last, remove masking tape and insert a standard size pillow.

DIY How to sew or make a pillow sham with flange 1

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