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Published on June 17th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Sew a Stool Cover EZ!

How to Sew a Stool Cover

Note: For a No-Sew stool cover visit [Tutorial: How to make a Tufted Stool Cover (No-Sew) EZ]

Materials for Stool Cover:

Fabric (for this project I used brown vinyl fabric)

Sewing Machine





Directions for Stool Cover:

 1. Using a ruler and scissors make a pattern:

1 square 18in. x 16in.

  2 rectangles 16in. x 7in.

 2 rectangles  18in. x 7in.

Note: Since plywood measures 16in. x 14in. I have added extra inches for sewing. After sewing, the stool cover dimensions will be 16in.(length) x 14in.(width) x 4in.(height).

pattern for stool cover

 2. Using a marker and ruler, draw a 16in. x 14 in. square on the 18in. x 16in. square. Note: The drawn square will be used as a sewing guide.


 3. Place a rectangle on top of the square and sew a straight line by using the drawn square as a guide.


how to sew a stool cover

4. Continue sewing with the other rectangles until all are attached to the square.




5. Now sew the corners together by holding two ends of fabric together and sewing a straight line downwards.


6. After all the corners are sewn together, your stool cover should look like this….


7. Cut the excess fabric and your stools [Tutorial: How to Make Counter Stools EZ] are ready to be upholstered.

diy counter stool

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