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Published on October 4th, 2014 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Sew a Euro Pillow Sham EZ!

How to Sew a Envelope European Pillow Sham EZ!


What is a Euro Sham?

A. A covering for a large square pillow. Typically, the first layer against the headboard.

What are the measurements for a Euro Sham?

A. Euro sham size is 26″ x 26″

Materials for Sewing a Euro Sham

Fabric of Choice:

27″ x 27″ piece of fabric

(2) 27″ x 20″ pieces of fabric

Masking Tape

Sewing Machine



Directions for Sewing a Euro Sham

27″ x 27″

front fabric piece for euro sham

1. Lay the back pieces on a flat surface.

two back pieces for euro pillow sham

2. Add tape to one of the 27″ edges to use as a guide when sewing the hem.

how to make a straight hem

3. Fold to make a hem, and iron flat.

tape used to make a hem

4. Remove tape and sew a 1″ hem.

hemming back piece for euro sham

finish hem for euro sham

5. Lay the 27″ x 27″ piece of fabric face up on a flat surface.

front fabric piece for euro sham

6. Lay the two back pieces face down on top of the 27″ x 27″ piece of fabric.

Note: The hemmed sides should be facing inwards.

sewing front and back pieces for euro shams

7. Pin together and sew a 1″ seam allowance.

Tip: Apply tape to all the edges and sew in a straight line along the edge of the tape.

overlapping back pieces for euro sham

sewing a euro sham

how to sew a straight line

8. Turn the pillow sham inside out.

sewn euro pillow sham

9. Lastly, insert a euro pillow insert.

How to Sew euro pillow shams 3

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