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DIY: How to Upholster the Arms of a Bench EZ!

How to Upholster the Arms of a Bench

Materials for Upholstering the Arms of a Bench

17″ x 18″ Plywood

2 Yards of Fabric



Adhesive Spray

Staple Gun w/staples


Tack Strips Without Nails & Tack Strips with Nails

Angle Braces with Screws

Rubber Mallet

Directions for Upholstering the Arms of a Bench

1.  Lay plywood on a flat surface.

plywood for arm of a diy bench

2. Draw a line measuring 5″ from the bottom.

drawing line on plywood for diy bdnch

3. Cut 17″ x 13″ of foam and spray 2 layers(2″ thick) with adhesive spray. Leaving the 5″ space at the bottom, attach foam to the plywood.

attaching foam to plywood

4. Cut 17″ x 23″ of foam and staple bottom of third layer onto the plywood, right where the 5″ line is drawn.

stapling foam to plywood

stapling foam to the plywood

5. Turn the plywood over and pull foam tightly over the top. Staple the end of the foam right in the middle, leaving the sides loose at the top.

stapling foam to arms of diy bench

6. Cut a sheet of batting and staple along the edges, leaving the sides loose at the top in the back.

adding batting to arms

Note: Staple along the 5″ line.

adding batting to arm of diy bench (3)

adding batting to arm of diy bench (2)

adding batting to arm of diy bench

7. Cut 38″ x 27″  of fabric.

upholster arm with vinyl fabric

8. Start at the bottom in the back and staple along the edge.

stapling fabric to bottom of arm

9. Pull fabric tightly over the top and staple the end of the fabric right in the middle, leaving the sides loose.

attaching fabric to arms of diy bench

10. Starting in the middle on the sides and moving downwards, staple the fabric to the plywood until you reach the hump. Cut a relief cut to form a nice crease and continue stapling to the end.

Tip: Make sure NOT to staple close to the edges. This will prevent staples from showing under the closure peice.

stapling the sides of the arm

relief cut (3)

stapling fabric to arms of diy bencg

11. Form four creases on the side at the top and staple. Cut excess fabric.

Tip: May need to remove staples and restaple to adjust as needed.

stapling fabric

stapling fabric (2)

cresses for diy arms

stapling sides of arms for diy bench

12. Cut 24″ x 23″ of fabric and place face down draped over the top of the arm.

laying fabric over arm of diy bench

13. Place a tack strip(without nails) on top of the fabric and staple right where the hump ends. Remove the center staple and cut excess fabric.

Note: I had to use my heavy duty staple gun to staple through the tack strip and fabric.

tack strips

attaching tack strip to the back of the arm

 14. Drill holes 3 1/2 ” from each end at the bottom and attach angle braces.

Note: For more support you can always add 3 angle braces instead of two on each arm.

Tip: Make sure batting is not in the way of the drill.

Tip: May need to remove staples so that the angle braces are sitting flat against the plywood.

peeling batting back to attach angle brace

adding angle brace to arm of dy bench

 15. Cover angle brace with batting and staple.

stapling batting back to cover angle brace

16. Pierce fabric with the nails from the tack strips(facing upwards). Turn tack strips until it is facing downwards.

adding tack strip with nails to diy bench

turning tack strip with nails

attaching tack strip

17. Hammer nails into the plywood using a rubber mallet for the closure.

using rubber mallet to make closure piece

Now you have an upholstered arm…..

upholstered arm

Visit Part 2 of [DIY: How to Build an Upholstered Accent Bench EZ] to add the arms to the seat of the bench.!

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