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Published on June 10th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Make Counter Stools EZ!

How to Make Counter Stools

Note: For a no-sew stool cover visit my tutorial “How to Make a Tufted Stool Cover (No-Sew) EZ” and for a sewn stool cover visit ” How to Sew a Stool Cover EZ“.

Materials for Counter Stools:

Plywood (Cut to 14 in. x 16 in.)

Waddell 21 in. Hardwood Parsons Table Legs

Waddell Leg Mounting Plate ( Screws Included)

Spray Paint

Power Drill

Drill and Screwdriver Bits

Spray Adhesive

 Cardboard (I used cardboard to lay my table legs on for spray painting, but you can use whatever you have).

Stool Cover Materials (Sew):

 Foam (I used 1 in. foam for this project and stacked 4 pieces together to make 4 in. foam.



Fabric Stool Cover  [Tutorial: How to Sew a Stool Cover EZ]

Staple Gun and Staples

Directions for DIY Counter Stools:

1. Lay the table legs flat on a piece of cardboard or whatever you have for spray painting.

Waddell table legs

2. Spray paint the table legs. Tip: I had to spray at least two coats.

spray painted table legs

3. Lay the plywood on a flat surface.


4. Place the foam on top of the plywood, using a knife, cut foam to the size of the plywood.

5. Using spray adhesive, spray the foam and attach it to the plywood.


6. Cut and spray 3 more pieces of foam and stack them on top of each other to make 4 in. foam.


7. Place batting on top of the foam and cut excess batting.


8. Flip plywood over so that it’s facing upwards and staple batting to plywood. Tip: Staple close to the edge, only the corners and each side.



9. Flip the plywood over and fit the fabric cover [Tutorial: How to Sew a Stool Cover EZ]  over the batting.

10. Flip the plywood over again and staple the fabric cover as close to the edge as possible. Tip: Pull each side and staple for a tight fit, making sure that your seams match up with the plywood dimensions.

stool cover

stool cover

11. Cut the excess fabric and batting.

stool cover

12. Take the leg mounting plate and place it as close to the corner as possible.

waddell leg mounting plate

13. Using the holes in the plate as a guide, drill four (4) holes into the plywood with a power drill.

14. Screw the screws into each hole of the mounting plate.

leg mounting plate

15. Repeat steps 12-14 for the other three (3) mounting plates.

leg mountinh plates

16.Take the table legs and screw them into each mounting plate.

table legs

17. Stand your stool up right and you will have your own DIY counter stool.

diy counter stool

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