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Published on August 8th, 2014 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Make an Ottoman EZ! (Sew)

This ottoman was super easy to make!! Checkout the details below!!

Materials for DIY Ottoman

Plywood- 32″x 17″x 6″

Sewn Fabric-Visit [DIY: How to Sew Fabric for Ottoman EZ]

Dust Cover Fabric


Furniture legs and mounting plates

Spray Paint


Staple gun and staples

Adhesive Spray


Power Drill and Screwdriver bit

Directions for DIY Ottoman

1. Lay plywood on a flat surface.

plywood for ottoman sew

2. Using adhesive spray, spray foam and attach to the plywood. Cut foam to fit the plywood with scissors.

Note: The height should be about 6″ tall.

how to add foam to plywood for ottoman

3. Cut a piece of batting to fit over the foam.

how to add batting to ottoman

4. Attach the fabric cover.

how to sew ottoman cover

5. Turn ottoman over and staple the fabric cover to the plywood. Cut the excess fabric.

how to staple fabric cover to ottoman

how to cut excess fabric

6. Cut a piece of dust cover and staple it to the plywood.

how to attach dust cover to bottom of ottoman

7. Lay the furniture legs on a piece of cardboard and spray paint the legs with your desired color.

preparing to spray paint furniture legs

how to spray paint furniture legs

8. Attach the mounting plates to the plywood with a screwdriver bit.

Tip: Press down on the power drill while adding while its powered up to add the screw right through the dust cover and fabric.

how to attach mounting plates to ottoman

9. Screw the furniture legs onto the mounting plates.

how to attach furniture legs to ottoman

10. Lastly, turn the ottoman upright and enjoy your new ottoman made from scratch!!!

diy how to build make a ottoman

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