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Published on February 8th, 2013 | by Shantelle


DIY: How to Make a Lampshade from Scratch EZ!

How to make a DIY Lampshade

Tip: If you don’t want to build a lampshade from scratch you can always use an old one and recover it with the fabric of your choice. Click here for a tutorial of how to recover an old lampshade.

DIY Lampshade Materials:

Laminated Styrene (purchased from NoteStyrene is the body of the lampshade and it is what your fabric will be attached to. A substitution for Styrene is posterboard.

Lampshade Wire Rings 20″ in diameter( top and bottom rings)

Craft Glue or Mod Podge

Paint Brush (if using Mod Podge)

Binder Clips or Hair Clips

Fabric(I used cream colored Shantung fabric for this project )





Stencil (if you want a pattern on your fabric you can use a stencil to achieve this look). Click here for a tutorial on stenciling patterns on fabric using acrylic paint. For this project, I used the Casablanca Craft Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils with gold acrylic paint on Shantung fabric.

So now you have everything that you need and soon you will have the lampshade of your dreams, lol!

So let’s get started…..

Directions for DIY Lampshade:

1. First you have to do some measurements to determine the length and height of styrene to cut for your drum lampshade. I wanted my lampshade to measure 20″ diamteter by 10″ tall. Note: To calculate the Circumference of a 20″ diameter lampshade you will use the formula Pi(3.14) x Diameter=Circumference

3.14 x 20=63″

63″ +2″(for overlapping)= 65″ length

The height of the styrene should be 10″ and the length should be 65″. Note: These measurements are specific for a lampshade that is 20″diamater by 10″ height. If you choose to use a different diameter and height, use the formula to plug in your numbers.

2. Fabric should measure 3″ longer and taller than the Styrene. So the measurements should be 68″x13″.

3. Lay fabric on a flat surface, and peel the paper off of the styrene to expose the sticky side. Take the sticky side of the styrene and adhere it to the fabric. Tip: If styrene did not come with a sticky side, use adhesive spray to adhere it to the fabric.

So now your styrene and fabric should look like this…….

Sunburst Mirror

Tip: I had to glue two pieces of styrene together to make 65″.

4. Now wrap the fabric and styrene around the bottom lampshade wire ring, lining the ring up with the bottom styrene line.


5. Apply mod podge or craft glue around the bottom lampshade wire ring and onto the bottom excess fabric. Tip: Mod Podge is easier to apply with a paint brush than squeezing craft glue out the bottle.

6. Using binder clips or hair clips, clamp the fabric down along the bottom ring to secure a tight fit.




7. Now flip the lampshade over and repeat steps 4-6 with the top wire ring , making sure that the top wire ring is on the correct side.



8. Lastly, apply craft glue or mod podge to both ends of the lampshade, then connect them. Secure the ends with binder clips or hair clips.




9. Let dry overnight. Remove clips and  cut excess fabric. Now you should have a lampshade customized to your perfection!!!

DIY Lampshade 2

To find out how to make the Lamp Base visit [Tutorial: How to Make a Floor Lamp Base EZ.

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