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Published on October 3rd, 2014 | by Shantelle


DIY: Upholstery Guide



 DIY Upholstery Guide

This upholstery guide is to help DIY-ers learn about simple techniques and inexpensive items that can be used for upholstery projects

 Visit www.diyupholsterysupply.com for all of your DIY upholstery supplies.







stapling sides of arms for diy benchCreate Pleatsused to ease fabric around curves and produces a decorative look. Visit DIY: How to Upholstery the Arms of a Bench EZ!





pushing needle through foam and fabricTufting- Visit Diamond Tufting Diagram: Accent Bench





diy tufted ottomanDeep ButtoningVisit DIY: How to Build an Upholstered Tufted Ottoman EZ! (No-Sew)






using rubber mallet to make closure pieceMalletused liked a hammer but will not damage or scar the fabric material.






diamond drill bit to form holes in foamPower Drillused to drill holes into the plywood or into foam.






staple gunStaple Gunused to staple and secure the fabric to the plywood. A Heavy Duty Staple Gun should be used to staple through thicker fabrics such as vinyls.






pliersPliers used for removing the staples from the plywood.






sliding needle through buttonUpholstery Needlesmakes it easy to tuft and attach buttons through fabric.







peg boardPeg Board can be used for tufting headboards (The holes are already made)





plywood for top coverPlywood: I would recommend MDF plywood. It is inexpensive and is a good choice for practical projects.





foam for top coverFoam– I always use the poly-fil foam roll from hobby lobby or Walmart, but mattress foam could also be used.





attaching batting to the top of a storage ottomanBatting– quilt batting is a good choice for an inexpensive project.





covered buttons with fabricCover Buttons– used when creating a tufting pattern in furniture. Visit DIY: How to Cover Buttons EZ!





upholstered armTack Stripsused to cover or enclose an arm of a bench or the back of a sofa. Visit DIY: How to Upholster the Arms of a Bench EZ!





vinyl fabric for diy benchFabricVinyl, microsuede, and cottons are commonly used for DIY projects.






using a mallett to attach nailhead trim to diy ottomanUpholstery Nails– used to decorate furniture.

To learn how to add upholstery nails to furniture visit DIY: How to Build an Upholstered Tufted Ottoman EZ!(No-Sew)
To get information and learn about the best models of upholstery nails visit diamondheadupholsterytack.com/





diy tufted headboardDIY Tufted Headboard: Visit HGTV to find out how to make a Tufted headboard.





chair upholstery

DIY Chair: Visit BHG.com to learn how to upholster a chair.





DIY Counter Stools

DIY Counter Stools: Visit How to Make Counter Stools EZ





diy upholstered wall

DIY Tufted Wall: Visit BHG.com to find out how to upholster a wall.




diy how to make build a ottoman from scratchDIY Ottoman: Visit DIY: How to Make an Ottoman EZ!(Sew)





DIY Ottoman made from scratchDIY Tufted Ottoman: Visit DIY: How to Build an Upholstered Tufted Ottoman EZ!(No-Sew)





Diy how to make and upholster a storage ottomanDIY Storage Ottoman: Visit DIY: How to Make and Upholstery a Storage Ottoman EZ!

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  2. Upholstery nails can be used as decoration on all sorts of furniture, and craft projects. Now, It is easy to change the look of your old furniture with upholstery nails

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