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DIY: Fabric Guide


DIY Fabric Guide

 This guide will help DIY-ers learn different types of fabrics and alternative fabrics that can be used for DIY projects.


Drapery Fabrics

Home Décor Fabrics

Lampshade Fabrics

Upholstery Fabrics

Ribbons and Trims



Drapery Fabrics

dupioni silkDupioni Silk: medium to heavy weight fabric with a distinctive stubbled texture, slight sheen, and a double weave.

Courtesy of www.lnt.com





cotton velvet

Cotton Velvet: medium weight velvet that is a soft fabric with a smooth, short dense pile, and a subtle drape.

Courtesy of www.overstock.com





polyesterPolyester: a manufactured product that is made from synthesized polymers. It tends to be very resilient and quick drying.

Courtesy of www.wayfair.com






silk taffetaSilk Taffeta: medium weight taffeta with a soft sheen and very subtle horizontal ribbing.

Courtesy of www.bolgcurtain.com






Home Décor Fabrics


woven leatherWoven Leather: A leather formed by braiding or weaving different pieces together.

Courtesy of www.houzz.com





cottonCotton: a white vegetable fiber grown in warmer climates in many parts of the world and has been used to produce many types of fabric.

Courtesy of www.overstock.com




linenLinen: comes in various weights, from fine to lightweight linens. It has the tendency to crease and often needs ironing.

Courtesy of www.etsy.com




velvetVelvet: is a compact short warp pile of silk or manmade fiber and usually a cotton or, perhaps, rayon back. Similar to plush, but has a shorter pile and feels softer.

Courtesy of www.throwpillows.org





microsuede (2)Microsuede: Also called microfiber, is a man-made polyester fabric. Microsuede is a knit blend created from fibers that are very fine.

Courtesy of www.furniturevisit.org





burlapBurlap: a coarse, heavy, loosely woven plain-weave fabric often made of single irregular yarns of jute. Also called hessian.

Courtesy of www.artfire.com




silkSilk: is a natural fiber produced from the silk worm.

Courtesy of www.migandtig.com






Lampshade Fabrics

silk lampshadeSilk

Courtesy of www.lightsoflondon.com





linen lampshade


Courtesy of www.penelopetom.com





metallic lampshade

Metallic: has been woven or knit with metallic fibers (or a synthetic substitute) for infused shimmer.

Courtesy of www.houzz.com





Upholstery Fabrics



Courtesy of www.wevegotthelook.com





leatherLeather: Animal skin dressed for different textile uses.

Courtesy of www.axsoris.com





velvet (2)Velvet

Courtesy of www.hayneedle.com





vinylVinyl: is a plastic-like material that is durable, inexpensive to manufacture and water-resistant.

Courtesy of www.homahku.com





polyester (2)Polyester

Courtesy of www.ebay.com





woolWool: is a natural fiber that is clipped from a sheep (fleece wool), which is then washed, combed, and spun into yarns of various qualities for a variety of different uses.

Courtesy of www.ba.sofas.com





silk (2)Silk

Courtesy of www.maitland-smith.com






Ribbons and Trims

wire edge ribbonWire Edge Ribbon-Usually more expensive and can be adjusted to form and hold a specific shape.





satin ribbonSatin RibbonShiny, soft, water-resistant with a sheen. Popular for decorating, scrapbooking, sewing, and gift wrapping





grosgrain ribbonGrosgrain Ribbon-Striped and textured with lines running lengthwise across the ribbon. Most popular for scrapbooking, sewing, and hair bows.





cotton ribbonCotton Ribbon- Made of long strips of thin bolt fabric and made to keep its shape. Great for scrapbooking, children’s crafts and accents on hats and bags.





satin acetate ribbonSatin Acetate RibbonAn inexpensive alternative to satin ribbon. It is not completely water resistant or washable but is perfect for scrapbooking and gift wrapping.





Ttaffeta ribbonaffeta Ribbon- Shiny, crisp ribbons that holds its shape. Perfect for making bows and is popular during the holiday season.





organza ribbonOrganza Ribbon-Sheer, elegant ribbon with thin wire edges. Most used for holiday decor, bridal accessories and gift wrapping.





velvet ribbonVelvet Ribbon-Water resistant and commonly used to decorate during the holidays.





mesh ribbonMesh Ribbon: Reinforced edges to provide stiffness for making bows.





crepe ribbonCrêpes Ribbon-crinkled or puckered ribbon with highly twisted yarns in the weft.





lace trimLace Trim-intricate and delicate trim. Perfect for sewing projects, decorating cards, invitations, gift bags, baskets, and decorative craft items.





fringe trim

Fring Trim-an ornamental textile trim that is mostly applied to an edge of an item such as drapery, a flag or a decorativee tassel.





gimp braid trim


Gimp Trim- a braided trim used for dressmaking, curtains, furniture, and e.t.c.




rick rack trimRick Rack Trima flat narrow braid in a zing zag pattern and used for clothing or curtains.





cording trimCording Trimtwo or more strands twisted together and is used for dressmaking, upholstery, or couching.





feather trimFeather Trim individual feathers sewn together onto a strip of material for attachment to a garment or an object.





ruffle trimRuffle Trima strip of fabric gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment, bedding, or other textiles.

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