CIMG1362HELLO WORLD!!!! Welcome to Home Decor Made EZ!!! This website is exactly what the heading says, easy tutorials for all of your home decor needs. My name is Shantelle  and I am the creator of Home Decor Made EZ. I would always go shopping for home decor and I could never find exactly what I was looking for. When i’m decorating, the color has to match, pattern has to blend in, and it has to be exactly what I envisioned. So the light bulb went off with a caption “DIY”. From that point on, I started customizing my own decor and furniture. I would always be on a mission to make something for my home and my friends would even joke and ask “what are you making today, a sofa?”, I replied “no, just a chaise lounge chair”. Lol.

Early Life

imageAs a child growing up in a big city, I knew I had to dream big and think outside the box. Being a creative little girl, I would always be putting paint on the walls and making something out of nothing. I was just doing what kids do, not knowing that I truly had a creative/artistic personality. When I got to college, I needed to take an elective to graduate. Knowing that I could not sing a note, I took an art class over music and I figured that would be an easy “A” . I thought how hard was it to draw some stick people…….well that “A” was far from easy. My professor took her art class serious because our first project to draw and paint was a vase in 3D. So I gave it a try, and I remember my professor saying, “my drawing was really good” and so good she wanted to post it on the wall for others to see. I’m thinking, “Wow, really, I’m a science major, I just need this class to graduate”. Lol. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be good at art. I realized then that I had a hidden talent.

My “Ah Ha” Moment

Making home decor is fun, relaxing and rewarding, especially if the item you’ve made looks store bought.  I knew that I struck gold one day when my friends came to my house and asked “where did you get that centerpiece from?” I thought to myself, “Now they can’t possibly think that I bought it, little do they know that I did it myself”. So , after letting them guess for a little while, I eventually told them I did it myself. “This was truly my “ah ha” moment and  I was happy to know that know one could tell the difference.


My focus for this site is to share inexpensive ways of decorating your home and to be an inspiration to all of the creative minds out there. My advice for decorating is to make it your own and don’t be afraid of the outcome. Practice makes perfect!

Getting to Know Me Beyond Decorating…..Well Sort Of….

Favorite Color:

Green, Blue, and Mauve

Favorite Foods:

Italian and Seafood

You Can Find Me In:

Hobby Lobby, High Fashion Fabrics, and Home Depot…..at least once a week.



When I Walk in a Room The First Thing I Notice is:



Bachelors of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science and Texas Cosmetology License…..yes, I know, I’m all over the place. I would describe myself as a VERY well-rounded individual!!!  :-)

Get Inspired

Get Creative

Get to Decorating

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